That dandelion.

You know that’s fated when you couldn’t stand angry at him for long, and still willing to cook for him after a big argument without any further intimacy. You know that you would cry on your pillow at night when you separated the bed at night and he would jumped on your single bed and squeeze the night with you. My boyfriend, is not the most romantic guy I have met, not the caring one and often forget what I love and hate. He would ask me to walked home because he is too tired to fetch me from class or had the worst argument with me because I woke him up in the morning after his submission. He told me he will not change a thing for me, and also tell me that I might not the one he will walked down the aisle with. I like looking at him when he was rushing for submission, his greasy hair with the face with popping pimple, he will not stop and I love how he carried on with his work and disregard any temptation. Or when he ran to the toilet complaining why is his face filled with new acne s and I have told him thousand of times that he is using the wrong type of cleanser!!

We broken up last two weeks, probably the first time ever in the relationship. And then got back together again. I was so angry that I did not want come home for the night, spending tequila night with Joyce and pick up my good old habit again. But I went home that night, I went home that I have no idea why.

He is a boyfriend that no one can possibly complain too much about, except for his messiness, not caring enough, smokes, stubborn and a being a total jackass, but I love that jackass. I guess that is how I practiced my toleration level. He doesn’t like to gossip, he is quiet a masculine man that never acts like a girl. He doesn’t care if any of his friends did something stupid, as long as it doesn’t affect him. I respect how so carefree, and care – less to all the dramas that happened around him and the way he deal with it.

He will come and picked my up at my friend’s place when I am dead drunk at 3 in the morning and send all my friends back home, carried me up the elevator and put me on bed, TWICE. He would wakes up every morning at 7 every morning and drove an hour to dropped me at work and picked me up everyday at 6pm and took the LRT with me. He never really pampered me, and I have learn to be independent without depend on any man. He told me that no girls should depend on a guy to survive. he also taught me the way a girl should behave to gain the respect that she deserves. I love all of his siblings, parent and his very funny grandpa and really lovely grandma who made dress for me. And his god- mummy too, who will helps me in a way that i can never be more appreciated.

This might the only post about him and me being cheesy telling the world how much I **ve him ( omg so werid to say it) and wanted him to be with me and probably spend the rest of life together. He might also not be the best perfect boyfriend but so far, but, I guess its good enough for me.

We might not be the couple who says I lo** you to each other everyday, but deep down in our heart, we both clearly understand where our position is in each others heart. Because he would slipped his hand to my waist in the middle of the night and hugged me close to his heart. I will close my eyes and listen to his heartbeat, like the first time when he holds my hand and put my head on his shoulder two years ago.

wtf children in Australia just like to stare at me. grr.

Times I hate him when he put his cups(used) everywhere in the house,

and he needs more than a table to work for his submission;

table 1, ( that’s his table)

table 2, ( our dining table that he shifted from the dining area to the balcony apparently he needs to look at the sky while designing building!?)

table 3 ( my poor little table T____T)

And that’s not enough, he needs our comfy sofa too…

And he loves to wear my red little claws instead of his giant green ones and when I scolded him for numerous of time, he decided to wear his/mine/our claw this way..

but then, there is good thing about him too, hehe, he learns to hand his towel, after hundred times of nagging, ( even though is not the right way but at least he tried)

and let me fully occupied the toilet dresser T_______T,

and gave me all the pillows I need,

and that’s his pillow,

we will go picnic some time, ( that’s regal sniffing all the grass around us wtf)

I guess that’s us. He reminded me that today is our anniversary and so… Happy (dont know how long we been together) anniversary. :) And this coming June is our 3rd years being together. TIME REALLY DOES FLIES.

And ya, you big jackass. Still love ya.



5 thoughts on “That dandelion.

  1. I simply had to leave something here, i felt ya for most of the lines you wrote. Beautiful, moving and touching almost too impossible to describe the amount of heart pouring effort. Anyways, i appreciate this wonderful writing of yours Deecupps wtf.

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